MEMBERS share their experiences and findings that have been successful in their battle to fight cancer and many other health issues that together we have found or stumbled on or over in that pursuit! Together we have found supplements that are successful. We have Our own supplement that we have named CigsoUSA, this product is made with all natural and organically grown fruit and herbal derivatives.


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Get healthy the “Natural” way, with an all-Natural and organic product combinations that have worked well for members. This is a club whereby members can share their findings and help others beat the high cost and often fruitless and harmful side effects of acceptable medical and pharmaceuticals deemed by medical professionals to be acceptable risks. We do not feel and risk is acceptable. And we have found that our efforts have been successful for many issues. There are all natural supplements that have worked not just cancers and it’s treatment side effects. To name a few of the issues we have been able to find help with fighting they are:


Non-Hodgkin’s Lymphoma, pancreatic cancer, vitamin D deficiency, lung cancers, tumors, liver cancer, sclerosis of the liver, thyroid cancer and as supplements to help support prenatal vitamins, stomach cancer, testicular cancer, anxiety, pain management and support antioxidants.


About Tom and how I came to make CigsoUSA


In 1999 I was diagnosed with colon cancer. I studied treatments and alternatives and I chose to use an all-natural and organic or holistic path instead of what my Doctor suggested. I was not excited about his wording. He said we can try…and that was it for him. Now I am cancer free and I have learned how to stay healthy without pharmaceutical products, chemo therapy or radiation.


I Believe that the One Infinite Creator has guided me on this path through his son Jesus, the Christ as the world knows Him.


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